Tasker Jumping to specific time

would it be possible to send a custom command with Tasker that does jump 5 minutes forward?
I’d like to skip the merch between tv show recorded with pvr. The merch break is nearly everytime same duration.

Not directly.

You can configure Kodi adaptive seeking to be 5 min for large skip then use Tasker to send an up command that will skip that amount.

Ok thanks for your suggestion.
I hope I understand you correct but here is what I’ve done now. I added my custom seeksteps to the advancedsettings.xml and activate them under player/video options. Now with the remote I can jump by pressing left or right 30, 60, 120, 480 sec forth and back.
Thats fine but with Yatse seek command it now makes uge gaps like jumping to 10th minute when value 1 is entered at value for seek. So my changing had an effect but not the right one.

Seek is absolute percentage not what you want.

As said you need to send left / right or up command to actually trigger those seek.

Actually added a seek relative to tasker plugin command section.

Will be present in next release.

That’s awesome! Thx for integrating this feature :slight_smile:
I have another question. I use a exported Task as App to open yatse and bring the wanted mediacenter to foreground with remote screen… That worked for quite a long time very good. But since I switched to OP6 with oxygenOS Android 8.1 after launching the custom app, yatse is flipping and switching. First the mc comes up with remote screen, then shows offline, comes back online and so on. This happens couple of times till the choosen mc stays. Android System notification is flipping also as if the app gets randomly killed then comes back and so on. Only thing that helps is to reboot the device.
For now I use direct yatse shortcut to launch. Sometimes the last used mc comes up but often yatse shows one from my other kodi clients.
Same happens when I did the custom app with left right command to simulate button press for seeking. Sometimes the app wont start at first and on second try it opens and command is sent correct but then Android kills the app due to high battery drain message and app comes back, kill, back and further.
Sorry for my bad english. I hope you can figure out what I try to describe :).

Open other issues with logs but this is more for Tasker support forum.

You can switch mc and start Yatse via normal API it will always work.

Ok thank you for support. I will post it in tasker forum.

Following up on this thread. So is there now yatse functionality to seektominutes? So tasker could send a command to seektominutes variable…