Tasker event "is_playing" is only detecting changed status?

At first, i’m using Yatse for many years now and and always been happy using it. One of a few apps i would rate with 6 stars… great job.

Here’s my problem: I got some Wifi LED lights and want them to be dimmed while kodi is playing media. I was trying to use the tasker event “is_playing” with “true and false” variables, but it triggers with “play” AND “pause”. Due to LED lights limitations i cant toogle the light dimming action, i need to do 2 actions (“dim light to 20%” AND “brighten to 100%”).

Is there a way to trigger two events (“media is playing” and “no media is playing”)?

Thank you in advance.

Use is_active that the flag for something playing or not.

is_playing indicate playing or paused

Thank you! I finally understand the logic of the tasker event. It works great!

Unfortunately yatse is triggering my macro randomly (?) even when Kodi is not running!

I attach yatse log and macrodroid log. Red lines are the triggers.

Do you have any idea to solve this?

debug-20181008_205003.zip (12.1 KB)

You have widgets so Yatse have to broadcast the status.

I’m not a Tasker expert but the normal way is to do action on change of value, so even if Yatse sends you multiple times nothing is playing you should do something only on the first one.

For that kind of configuration you need to ask on Macrodroid forums.

Ok, that information helped me. I found a pretty easy solution :star_struck: Thank you!