Tasker and autovoice commands for yatse

Be sure to read https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description:where can i find a list and example of yatse commands you can send in tasker and/or autovoice? and not just “play” is a command. what do you need to put in tasker/autovoice? yatse/command/dkdfjo??? or something like this?



Additional information:

I looked at the Plugin and API, but I guess from that info, i cannot see any examples or steps how it is setup.

I don’t have a log to supply, since I’m trying to first understand what to do.

What type of command or how do you send yatse multiple variable commands? Media centre select, play a given show or movie?

Tasker support is out of Yatse support, their forum will explain how to send multiple commands in a row. For the rest everything is in the documentation I can’t really tell more.

Sorry what do you mean by Tasker support is out of Yatse support? Are you trying to say Yatse does not support Tasker?

I seem to be getting run around. Tasker/Autovoice tells me ask Yatse API developer and you are saying ask Tasker…

What would a multi variable command look like in Yatse??
yatse/command/% var1;%var2;%var 3 ???
The following in Yatse API documentation

To show the TV Shows library part This does not explain how yatse would accept a variable command?

Or am i to understand that the variable input would be determined through autovoice and tasker and then passed on to Yatse as the above command as an example.

Sorry i’m basically dumb when it comes to all this. Like a random person off the street that needs to be walked across :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m saying that how to use and configure Tasker is out of Yatse support.

yatse://command/browse/tvshows is a url to open internal Yatse tv show screen there’s no variable to pass as there’s no parameter to this.

I’m sorry but those are advanced topics for people who understand Tasker.

You still have no explained what you want to achieve and expect some generic answers that can’t be given.