Syncing tv shows from Emby stuck in loop

Issue description:

  • I use Yatse (current version) to stream from an Emby server.
  • “Background library synchronization” never stops. When I manually refresh by swiping down, no content is shown until synchronization is done -> Yatse is unusable and needs to be force stopped and restarted.
  • Some TV shows are available in Yatse (probably those that have been scanned earlier), most are not.
  • I am not 100% sure, but it seems the battery drains quicker due to the “extra” syncing.
  • I have no problems syncing, seeing and even watching these episodes in Kodi using the Emby plugin.
  • The log file contains only the last few lines as they are representative for the complete log. The four error lines occur first in line 1237 of my log file and there seems to be no content unrelated to these episodes until the last line (54356).

Logs:debug.log (22.7 KB)

Additional information:
Any advice on how I can provide extra output is welcome.

I always needs full logs :slight_smile:

Sorry, here it is (1.1 MB).

Ok so 1) This is not last Yatse version :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s Emby 4.0.1 not last either :slight_smile:

Anyway I found the cause on Yatse side, but the root cause is because Emby returns wrong data.
Is it possible that you give me access to your Emby server so I can try to see if it’s really wrong data or there’s some special rare cases that I’m not aware of?

Thanks for tracking it down.

The server is not accessible over the internet at the moment and I am reluctant do make it accessible since there is also other data on it.

If you think it is necessary, I will find out how to make it available in a way that is not too unsecure, but I will not be able to do it today…

Well it’s not mandatory but Yatse will skip the problematic things so you may be missing stuff.

In that case I will leave it as it is. I can live with some elements missing.

Thank you very much!

Until the missing elements are the one you want to watch :wink: