Sync database from MariaDB/MySQL

It would be nice that, when having a multi-Kodi system with shared database through MariaBD or MySQL, Yatse would synchronise the database directly from the DB server instead of the Kodi master.

For instance, in my case I have several Kodi devices (couple of TV boxes, tablet, phone) that share a MariaDB running in a Raspberry that is also the file sharing device. Kodi devices are usually turned off, but very frequently I want to check the movies/series database in Yatse, which many times is not updated. Since the MariaDB is always on, it would be nice if Yatse could connect to it instead to any of the Kodi devices to update the database.

Yatse does sync with connected Kodi not the msster.

Any up Kodi can sync.

And no sorry Yatse can’t connect directly. Kodi have 92 different DB schema just for videos. I can’t handle that and the dozens of different Mysql/MariaDB versions.