Switching between 2 Kodis - playback stops


Since the last update of Yatse I have the problem that I can no longer switch between 2 Kodi devices. As soon as both are running and you select the other one, it stops playing. If you then select the other one, it also stops.

This has worked without any problems for all these years, but now it no longer works. What can be done?

Version: 11.0.5/[email protected]
License: none


The template you removed is pretty clear about the fact that logs are mandatory :wink:

No one can help with so little details.

Sorry, Debug is completed and uploaded.
My app is in German, not english, it that makes any difference.

Difficult to give more explanation, as already described.
I am using 2 Kodi´s in 1 Network. Different names/IPs.
When both are playing videos from the network server (NAS), I never had problems to switch in the App between one of them. Nothing was happening. But now the problem occured, it does not work any longer, since last update of the App.
When I switch to the other running Kodi, it will stop the playing. Then I must restart it. When I then switch back to the other Kodi, this one stops and needs a restart of the video.

Hope this makes it little bit more clear.

debug.log (647.1 KB)

2022-09-12 14:45:12.735 Verbose/ApiReceiver: API call: tv.yatse.api.MEDIA_COMMAND - COMMAND : stop

You have something that use the Yatse API and send stop commands :wink: Stop doing that and there won’t be stop again :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don´t know what you mean. Only using the app and switching between both Kodi´s. Thats all I doing, I don´t do any stops and this worked now for years perfectly.

Yatse can not send stop commands by itself.

In the logs the stop commands are all send via the API there’s no other stop send.

So either you are using the API to call it or use things like Tasker plugin.

Or you press the stop button on a widget or notification.

Nothing have changed at all in regards to all this in years too :wink:

I do nothing more then last years, switching between the 2 Kodi´s, not more. Can´t explain what is happening in the background and I am not using more thant the app.

Do a video recording of what you do, but there’s no magic in apps and logs do not lie. (And I do switch between Kodi’s myself multiple time per day).

And please provide logs with attached APK it have added information about the caller of the API.

Yatse-playstore-arm64-v8a-final.apk (9.1 MB)

Have installed your version, which was newer than mine.

What have I done:
Start Debug
Start Videofile on Kodi 2
Start Videofile on Kodi 1
Switched with the App back to Kodi 2 and Kodi 2 has stopped playing.
To reproduce the issue I started Videofile again on Kodi 2.
Now switched back to Kodi 1 which stopped playing.
Stopp Debug

This is what you should see now in the attached debug file.
Does this help?

debug-20220913_125156.zip (34.3 KB)


API call: tv.yatse.api.MEDIA_COMMAND - SOURCE : ntf_dismiss

Means either you are dismissing the notification or your phone had an OS upgrade from Samsung that is completely broken and send message they should not when the notification is updated.

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Last Samsung Update was some days ago successfully installed.
Can’t believe you found the problem. After the update it restarted, just restarted again and everything is back to how it was.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Well thanks Samsung for breaking things way too much :slight_smile:

I did nothing here.