Switch to different kodi but keep watched episode info

I like to switch yatse on android from one kodi to a different kodi installation on a different server. the movies / series are the same. how can I keep the information in yatse e.g. which episodes of a series have already been watched on the old kodi, so that they are also marked as watched on the new kodi?!?
Thanks, Stefan

You can’t at Yatse level, I think there’s scripts on Kodi to copy the data between the Kodi instances.

There used to be the option to have the kodi instances use a shared mariaDB.
I use this because it also keeps everything else in sync (adding new media etc).

Otherwise there’s several addons for backing up watched state to nfo files (NFO WatchedState Updater), a table (WatchedList) or any number of cloud services (Trakt, MyEpisodes, ShareThe.TV) etc.