Switch Donate panel in settings for actual Donators

When i enter settings i am constantly confronted with the ‘Longtime user… Donate’ panel.
First of all i totally understand the panel :blush:
But could it be an idea to change the panel to a smaller one for actual donators/subscribers.
For instance ‘you are a VIP user of Yatse’ or something like that :joy:

Settings are the less used part of the application :wink:

And subscribers do have a thanks you instead. Donation are consommable so can’t really be tracked and are lost on reinstall :frowning:

Strange, now there is indeed a ‘thank you’ panel
I must have been too soon with reporting

I hope i can help you with this great app. Although i have no idea how. The only thing i can is design.

There’s translations if you speak other languages :slight_smile:

You can help for support :stuck_out_tongue:

You can promote Yatse everywhere :slight_smile:

You can help improving Wiki and FAQ as I’m not native English they can be improved I’m sure.

And I do take any design advices as well as feature requests to improve Yatse.

I speak native Dutch. For me translation tfrom engels is no problem.

Before i can help with support i will have to learn Yatse better.
A Friend of mine by the way is a long time user of Yatse. I will ask him for supporting you.

Design wise you are already kick ass but i would love to help if needed or when i notice something that could be improved.

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