Survey: Yatse future, give your opinion!

It seems like the best thing we can do is to keep leaving feedback on Kore and letting people know to get Yatse.

Have you considered F-droid as an app store?

I hadn’t realised Google steal 30% and on that front alone i’d definitely not donate through the app since they don’t deserve to mooch of your work.

I’d love to see an iOS version but let’s face it…swift is a pitfa as is the Apple app store, but I’d pay for it.

It would be a shame to see ads in the free version but would ads really solve the googs issue anyway?

Hi Tolriq,

I guess Google is just nagging/ teasing you, because they think they don’t get enough money from your popular, well maintained/supported/active app.

I use Yatse for a very long time now, I love it. I saw Kore on another phone recently, now I love Yatse even more.

Maybe 1 startup add in the free version, and a cheaper unlocker wiil bring you more paid users.

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I can’t be on F-Droid for many reasons, first because I’m not open source :slight_smile:

But also most important because many functions in Yatse depends on Google Play Services and it’s forbidden there, so no cloud save, no Chromecast and more things. Don’t see the point of having an ultra limited version.

Bugger…hey…on that front a generic cloud save would be awesome for my next cloud / own cloud…wholly inappropriate contact point.

I really can’t consider using another Kodi remote, the rest suck and I really like steaming music across my VPN whilst driving with taste.

There can’t be generic cloud thing each one have it’s own API.

What could be done probably is more an export to a secure format to not leak passwords in plain text as it’s no more directly put on a secure place.

But you can post in Support for various cloud hosting sources (Dropbox, Box, etc) to show interest :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly an alternative way for people to subscribe could encourage rolling contributions, without relying on Google’s continued cooperation?

Along the lines of Open Collective, perhaps, although allowing closed-source projects if you prefer to keep it that way. Other platforms exist, like Liberapay, Patreon, etc. (although I hear many complaints about Patreon).

I also understand this may not integrate well with Google Play if they actively discourage it, and that you probably know about these things already. But it seems worth mentioning.

(Disclaimer: I’m no expert on the topic, but I am involved with, which manages to get a nominal amount of ongoing revenue this way. Not enough to dispense with volunteer help yet, of course. But other projects get more than this, and I expect every bit helps.)

Most of those solutions are not really meant for app dev, as I can’t really produce content specific to the patron when I looked at patreon.

And I would not be able to advertise that inside the application either :frowning:

One idea I had if I can’t find a way to save Yatse on Android was to try crowdfunding to make the iOS app as I often have users asking me an iOS version, so could have help to have some income during the dev phase, but dropping Android would really be the last of the last solution.

I just need to find out the proper way to pay for user acquisition in a fair way for all users and the hardcore fans.

I know most games exists because there’s 1% of users who spend 80% of the revenues, but I don’t think it’s fair for applications.

Fully paid with a trial sounds like a bad decision, many people won’t pay and switch to Kore AND Yatse will get less popular and will end up dying, the best choice is to have 2 apps, 1 (with ads) that serves as a way for users to find and love Yatse (sadly under Google’s policies), and the other paid app gives you the rest of your revenue.

Well, I love Yatse. Love the features. My only wish is I could use it with Alexa! Hint! Hint

I recommend anyone to purchase. I did, and have absolutely no regrets. I even use it to control grandsons’ android box in his room from my desk or living room from another android box.

Since I already have a sub, I think a trial before ya buy would have been the choice I would have selected. I delete ANY app filled with ads.

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I love this app and I’ve been using it since… well, I don’t remember, many years.
I paid once and I would donate again as it is one of the apps that I use more often and there has been a more than obvious development since then, but I would never pay a subscription. I see subscriptions like taxes for dummies. I pay enough services and rentals and a bunch of subscriptions would make me feel wasteful. I don’t like adds in apps neither. Since it is the only app that works as a remote and for streaming I think fully paid or split in 2 apps are the best choices.
I recomend Yatse everyone I can.

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Hi Tolriq,
I love Yatse and I purchased the unlocker many years ago when I often used Kodi, now I seldom use Kodi and Yatse but I hope you find a way to stay in business and continue to develop the app. I am ready to purchase the program again or to make a donation since I usually purchase the apps I like and use but I don’t like the subscription model.
I rated the app on the store and always recommend yatse but very very few people I know pay for apps, most people expect they are free, probably they think developers don’t need to earn money and don’t have bills to pay.
I am a software developer too but I work on windows, I have no experience with google play store.

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Reading this thread makes me feel sad. It’s a pain that people like you have such a struggle in live :disappointed_relieved:

Actually I like the current model the most, it doesn’t “force” me to buy the full version (like trial or ads would) but makes me WANNA spend money for it. I’ve voted for Trial Version. For me it’s the next pleasant model… but i don’t think it would be a wise business decision. I’m pretty sure most of the users nowadays want to support devs by ads :neutral_face:

Another idea would be donations on the website. I hate in-app donations, because i want to support only the devs and not google (i’m ok with google taxes on purchases. But donations are no purchases :rage:… Ok, im running OT here). Sure, not many will find the way here, but for people like me it makes the decision easier to donate some money.

I really hope you will find a solution which let you continue this project with fun and enthusiasm.

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Please find a way to keep supporting Yatse for Android without the ads!

@Tolriq what would happen to the app of those who already purchased it? If you go to the subscription model (and I don’t subscribe) would my app go back to free mode? Or would it stay as it is and get no updates?

Did you try to ask help on reddit or other places, whete it is very likely you will find someone ejo works at Google or knows sbody at G, and willing to help. Maybe even the Kodi/Libreelec community!

Trust me, subscription will not work. Don’t go that way. You will have very few users who are willing to subscribe. Full version Trial + one time purchase is the way I suggest. I am willing to go up around 5 USD/EUR for an app if it is really good. Or, maybe try 2 USD/EUR, and more people will pay, more payment will result in overall more revenue. Put an option after the trial expires, 2 USD to unlock + I would like to support your work with 1, 3, 5, 10 USD (optional). Remember, people from Germany and US are more willing to pay, imagine what is for an avarage German income 2-5 EUR? Not even a hamburger.

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Hi there.
I’m not sure which option to choose… I would choose the model thatby0u know is most successful with your type of app. Compare to others…

I would guess it’s the 2 app freemium model: 1 free with ads and less features, 1 unlocked paid ad-free. Here you could also have inapp purchases for premium features.

I don’t like subscription based apps/services unless very cheap. I pay for mymedia for Alexa very gladly - it’s 5€ per year. Can imagine the same for Yatse but not sure because I hate subscriptions…

But don’t mind me. Look at what isnworking best in the market and do it.

Great work and thanks for your our care.

Hey bud. Put in ads, and a donation request somewhere visible but out of the way.

I’ve bought Yatse a couple times for my family and it’s absolutely the best remote app. Your streaming and casting features are amazing.

Don’t worry about having a couple polite ads in the free version. It’s standard practice and shouldn’t offend anyone who hasn’t paid.

Thanks again, I use your app every day, and it’s miles better than anything else.

Please add an option to donate on the website. Can’t find it. Would be nice with PayPal for instance, as then you get a larger portion of the cake! Just generate a donate button using your PayPal account and put it somewhere visible. Or PM me your PayPal email address, but remember then most others won’t see the option.

I have PayPal donation button on most of my projects (all FOSS), those who have a website and for others just in the In my app of course I can’t link to that, even mentioning PayPal in a String can be risky business! So I, as you I assume use In-app Billing for In-app donations, and consume the “purchases” immediately so people can donate the same item (amount again).

My 3 items are a low amount so when Google takes it cake and taxes, little is left if someone donates 10 NOK which is the lowest option, but important to have a small amount as an option to get people into trying it at least and maybe returning and donating more later when seeing how easy it is (usually one tap and fingerprint accept).

Of course don’t link or even mention it in the app as it is a recipe to get your app suspended!

Cheers from fellow developer

Hi @Tolriq,
Thanks for all your effort in making yatse great!
I unlocked my yatse just to support you as a dev, as i do not use any pro stuff anyways (i think)
So i would go for a subscription model for the pro version, and a free with ads version with a unlocker for removing the ads.

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