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Actually it sounds dump, but is there a reason why there is no “sort by date” function for Smart Filter available?
“Sort by Year” exists, but it sorts movies randomly ( ? ) within the year.
What I am looking for, is the sorting by “release date”. Technically it works like the “Sort by Year”, but within a year the sorting works chronologically correct (which should be the default option, if someone want to sort by year, in my opinion).

This would allow me to see always the “newest movie” on top of my list.
[With “newest” I mean the real “newest”, not like the “newest added” because this one could also a movie from 1971…]

This would be great, even I have no idea if Kodi provides this information.

greetings and thanks

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Kodi did not until V17 and it seems I forget to add support for it :wink:

Will see to add that at some point in the future.

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Hey @Tolriq
You marked this as “Implemented”. When will it be released (at least in beta)?

Got the update yesterday midnight. Thanks for releasing :wink: