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Issue description: I only bought the app for the download feature. Turns out you can’t download from kodi when using the emby plugin. I thought: great I can just directly connect to emby to download like that, but even with the same username and password I used in chrome to sign in (emby connect, double and tripple checked pw and id) it won’t let me log in at all and always tells me the pw or id is wrong.


debug.log (37.8 KB)

Emby Version: Version beta arm64

Error during request: 401 / Invalid user or password entered.

This is the error returned by your Emby server. Are you sure the account you use is a local account to that server?

The centralized emby login via their server is not yet secure as well who wants them to have all data.

Well it’s a Emby Connect User. I tried creating a local one and then login works, but shouldn’t it work for both?

The centralized emby login via their server is not yet secure

Not sure what you mean exactly? You can sign in via the https Version. The main reason I use it is to sign in from other places and having multiple accounts would kinda mess with my play history/trakt.

I meant supported, but to be honest, Emby is seeking a monetary future, they are half open source now, and no one really know where they will be headed.

I don’t say they are evil, but I personally would not rely on Emby Connect for now.

And since no one asked for Emby Connect support well it’s not supported :slight_smile:

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Well i guess with the recent changes I will have to ditch emby anyway. So if nobody else wants this feature there is probably not much reason to keep it as a feature request

What recent changes?

Emby made the the core proprietary

Was quite predictable :frowning:

I did warn you since the start it was their only possible move seeing their previous actions and reasons I did not added Emby Connect.

I suppose they’ll have to work quite hard versus Plex if both are closed source.