Suggestion: put "Media Centers" list in a conf file under /sdcard/Yatse/media_centers.conf so outer changes gets supported

Kodi machine is firewalled, so I’m tunneling the http interface of 8080 using free ngrok to a random-generated url that looks like this:
the yatse usage is purely for the remote control of kodi commands, not the streaming part.

then every time I do that I launch yatse and manually rewrite the ‘Host IP address’ of a certain media center in yatse, so it works again.

I’d like to automate that process:
I want to do something after ngrok runs to copy the generated url from the kodi machine, send it to my android and automatically edit the ‘Host IP address’ of the media center.

My plan is that every time I launch kodi, it starts ngrok and updates my yatse.
But I have one missing piece - I don’t know how to manually edit yatse since it does not have a directory accessible from the non-rooted (non-system) area of my file system in my android device.

If you could just move some such conf files to such accessible location, it would be fantastic for my purpose!

Let me know what you think.

Well I’m sorry but not only this is ultra specific and quite strange need, but the more Android versions advances the more it will be impossible. (And Yatse store data in a database not raw files)

From LAN this does not really makes sense, and from external not much too as it’s in general for streaming and tunneling would not give necessary speeds.

I do not need streaming, I just need the remote control. this slow tunnel works perfectly for a firewalled device that only receives remote control commands and not streamed media.

Its alright, I understand that it is too specific.

I just don’t see the point on a LAN to do that, and the need for remote control only over WAN.

There’s so many other ways to ensure proper security without this setup.

And if you really want that from WAN then just use a proper dns server that you can script update to have a fixed name.