Subtitles background

It would be great if there was an option at yatse the user to enable\disable the subtitles background.

Right now you can do this from language settings at kodi. But whenever i needed, it was for specific video and not all the time(p.e. the specific video i am watcing has harcoded subs).

So if this could be enabled or disabled when i am watching a movie from yatse would be awesome.

Thank you.

I’m not aware of this feature in Kodi and pretty sure there’s no proper API for it.

If it’s a Kodi global settings then you can create a custom command to change the settings on demand from Yatse.

Thank you for your response. I dident knew that i could make custom commands at yatse.

Because you wrote that you are not familiar with that feature in kodi i included a screenshoot from the subtitles settings screen.

Thank you once more for your fast reply.

Ok never used it :slight_smile:

You just need to find the setting name and create a JSON custom command