Subtitles and Chromecast

Is there a way to search for subtitles while streaming on chromecast? For example: I have a PC in room A and chromecast in room B . If I chose to stream a video from PC to chromecast and the folder (that the video is in ) doesn’t have subs in it, how can I search for subtitles ? Or do I have to stop casting go to room A search for subs and then go back to room B and continue casting ? Thanks in advance for the assistance

Currently this is not possible :frowning:

There’s plan to eventually directly integrate open subtitles, but streaming subtitles from phone when streaming media from A to B have few chance to come, it’s more for when streaming from phone to target or source to phone.

Not to do that when Yatse is just linking two end points. (Many issues with Chromecast typically that would require CORS headers that Kodi does not support and send correct headers that allow the phone to serve the subtitles).

So to resume for your needs there’s nearly no chance this happens sorry :frowning:

Thank you very much for your quick response.