Streaming local audio

Hey there.

My goal is to stream Tidal Music to Kodi. I’ve tried out Bubble Upnp, and it seems to work. However, Kodi does not seem to support Gapless Playback (At least on my hardware) so the stream always breaks up after each song producing a less enjoyable experience.

It seems like Yatse does not support Tidal on its own, which is okay. But I’ve hoped I can somehow stream my local Android output with it. So for example: Play the music in Tidal, redirect the sound to Yatse, stream the pure audio source to Kodi.

Maybe I have misunderstood the app. But it can stream local music from my phone. So the technical aspect of streaming sound is there. It just seems to lack an audio output grab.

Am I missing something, or is it simply not possible?

Thank you in advance!

This is not possible this require root and tons of hacks depending on OS to prevent piracy :frowning: