Stream only audio of a movie to local Yatse



I would like to use Yatse as a remote headphone for watching movies on my media pc, as the pc and amp are too far away to use a headphone cable.

I imagine this would require some downsampling of multichannel audio to stereo, and maybe a syncing option to compensate for any buffering.


Until Kodi add things in it’s core I have no way to achieve this :frowning:

But this is a high demand feature, so I’ll look into it when there’s solutions for that.


Man this app is soo good!!
However if this feature is implemented it would be an overwhelming addition.

Usually the video files are stored somewhere (NAS server or local storage). What if instead of having kodi stream the audio to the phone, yatse itself request the audio part of file directly from the where it is stored and then sync the audio with the video playback from kodi.

Currently, i do this by playing the video on my TV using OSMC and then open the video file again on my phone with VLC and play only the audio. It works but i need to sync everything manually.

Does work with youtube video but you will need to have quite a beefy broadband to stream the video twice and in parallel.

Now if something similar is implemented in yatse itself and make the sync automatic that would be awesome.