Stream from phone with Subtitle


I have a movie file in my phone with subtitle file in the same folder…
But when I stream the movie to Kodi it streamed without subtitle !!!

So the question is HOW to stream a local subtilte file in phone with streamed movie file ???

So many !!! and ??? and no logs :slight_smile:

Please provide logs !!! :slight_smile:

Here is the Logs !!!

debug.log (635.4 KB)


  1. You are using share function to play from local device this can’t find the subtitles as the sharer app does not sent it. You need to use the internal browser from Yatse.

  2. You stream to Kodi in media center mode, Kodi does not support sending subs, you need to stream to Kodi in UPnP mode (Be sure to activate all options for UPnP in Kodi settings).

How to use internal browser in Yatse to cast local files in phone … I am using Yatse from a couple of months and I don’t know how !!!

And how to stream in UPnP mode after activate options in Kodi ?

You select Kodi that appear as UPnP device not Media Center.

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