Stop Yatse Shuffling Music

How do I stop Yatse from playing music in a random order?

Issue description:
I navigate to a directory, I hit the ☰ button on the Android remote, I select play, my music starts playing in a random order.
I have to manually hit the random / shuffle button on the remote to turn it off. Then I have to re-order the playlist.

I’m using the latest version of Yatse for Android, and CoreELEC I’ve looked through all the options in the app and Kodi, and I can’t find anything.

Please help - I just want to listed to albums in order :slight_smile:

Issue template clearly explains that I need logs to be able to help.

From your description, you juste use Yatse as a pure remote and you select Play on Kodi screen? In that case Yatse is not involved at all and you need to see with CoreELEC support.

Sorry - I’ll grab the logs shortly. I think it is a Yatse thing, because if I hit play in the CoreELEC web interface, music plays in order. When I hit play in Yatse, the shuffle icon is illuminated.

As said if the play menu and button is on Kodi screen then it’s not Yatse. You can do the same with a keyboard.

If you play from inside Yatse in the libraries menu then it’s Yatse but your description clearly shows it’s not the case.