Start music with bluetooth headset

I used to have Pi Music Player and when i hit the play button on my Bluetooth headset the music automatically started even when my phone was in standby.
Now i want to try the same with Yatse but it doesn’t seems to work, i have to open Yatse first and play one of the songs on my local device, only then all of the controls on my Bluetooth headset will work but when i close Yatse i have to start over again.

Now i saw the Yatse Remote Starter in the play store, but i can’t figure out if this is the solution for what i want.

Nope the starter is not for that.

On Android 8+ it should work by default if Yatse is the last player. I do not support previous versions.

Edit: In all cases please provide logs :wink:

Thanks for the quick answer and that explains it then, my phone GM5+ is on Android 7.1.1

Will test your app again when i have Android 8+
I do like it so, because it’s amazing fast!