Sportsdevil / acestream

Hello all !!
My config :

  1. raspberry pi3 , libreelec kodi 18 (addon : sportdevil-acestream)
  2. LG LCD TV (smart TV)
    3.Android Phone 5.0 (Yatse pro)

I want start addon SPORTSdevil on rp3 via android phone with YATSE, and sent stream to my TV.
I got error 404. Is possible that?

No logs no chocolate :slight_smile:

As the application description says you can’t cast directly from addons, if you start the media first on Kodi then migrate to a player, this can or can’t work depending on many out of Yatse possible scope. Like authentification, missing cookies. Only logs can tell more.

Thanks for quickly replay.
I am going to start procedure again then send log.

here is debug log, any suggestion will be appreciate

debug.log (910.4 KB)

Well Kodi 18 :frowning:

It seems they return the plugin path for the playing item and not the actual stream they are playing now :frowning:
Another side effect of an half done internal change.

Not much I can do and not sure how you could report to Kodi to have it solved since as soon as you’ll speak about addons they’ll close :stuck_out_tongue:

What version of KODI you prefer? 17 ?

Kodi quality only goes down for many things, Kodi 17 have many flaws too but at least not that one, that does not mean that all the addons stream will be playable but at least Yatse will have access to necessary things to at least try :slight_smile:

I will try install KODI 17 ( Kodi 17.6 (Linux Kernel 4.11.x), I will report to you.
Do I need enable UPnP_DLNA service in KODI settings? I only want stream from kodi rp3, via Yatse (Android phone) to my TV.

Not for pirate addon stuff :wink: It’s required if your Kodi have a password and your TV does not support auth for UPnP streams.

debug(1).log (573.1 KB)

Installed Libreelec Kodi 17.6 (Linux Kernel 4.11.x).
Here is a log.
No error, but no stream on my TV or local media player on Android Phone.
I don’t know if is possible, because kodi addon capture live stream?

I wll test more with another program (YT, TwitchTV) on kodi (libreelec).

This time it’s better, Kodi returns the actual stream, but with some internal curl parameters stuff.

I need to see if I can strip them out on Yatse side.

Do I have to do something?

If there’s other sources try them maybe there’s no issue with them :slight_smile:

And contact me by mail so I can send you a test APK later.

I contacted you via email which I get apk link when I bought YATSE .

I installed your beta version 8.9.0B1 of YATSE for me. Thank you. Here is a debuglog.
Still No video on LG TV.
I also tried Kodi addons youtube and others, but my LG TV not switch.
I also tired from Kodi via my PC movie folder to LG TV, that WORKS ok.
You can see on my log.debug(2).log (736.1 KB)

Well this time Yatse have cleared the links and they are valid.

For youtube it seems your TV does not support the stream format :frowning:
For acestream the addons returns an internal private ip that can’t be reached by your TV. Not sure there’s anything I can do about it :frowning:

As I said since start Yatse can’t do magic with Kodi addons :frowning:

Thank you for clarification.
I will enjoy with YATSe as KODI remote player.


There’s still possibly many links that will work, since now I’ve seen some curl params to remove.

So at least we fixed something :slight_smile: Just hope they fix Kodi 18 too now :frowning:

So , In future you will do some update?
I am going to revert kodi 18.
I will watching for update. Don’t rush.

There’s nothing I can do more on my side :frowning:

If links does not work on your TV it’s TV limitations of addons limitations.

For Kodi 18 it’s Kodi change, they need to change something inside Kodi to solve :frowning:

For V17 with your issue I’ve fixed some edge cases where Kodi sent curl options and now remove them so it will make more links working than before. But still no magic :frowning: