Sorttitle for movies ignored


I’m not sure if this an issue in Kodi or Yatse:

The sorttitle for movies works in Kodi GUI (19.4) but is ignored in Kodi webinterface (chorus2). The sorting in Yatse is the same as in the webinterface.

The sorttitle is set in the movie’s nfo and when I try to edit the movie in the webinterface I can see the sorttite is already set.

So it seems everything is working except kodi webinterface and Yatse are ignoring the tag (sort by name = sorted by movie title instead of sorttitle). The movies are not in the same order as in Kodi GUI (sort by name = sorted by sorttitle)

Isn’t the sorttitle accessible by Yatse or is there an option I have missed to set?


As the template says: No logs no chocolate.

In all cases in Yatse you need to have the option ignore articles enabled and force a sync.

It was a general question, I was not expecting someone wants to see the logs.

Thanks to your information I was able to fix it. I know there is an option in Kodi to ignore articles (which is enabled); I was not aware the option exists also in Yatse. Now it is sorted correctly. That was quick :smile:

Thank you very much.


As the template says they are always mandatory, everything depends on Yatse settings, Yatse version, your Android version and dozens of other parameters.
Logs have all the necessary info to make a proper answer and not random guess on what can be happening.