Sort Options (Kodi-Music)

It would be cool to sort by

  • Album Artist → Year → Album Title → Track Nr and
  • Album Artist → Album Title → Track Nr.


There’s a settings for artist then year.

Not sure to understand the need, and please use tags Yatse interface in MediaCenter agnostic.

Yes, but “Artist” and “Album Artist” are two different things.
Each Track has an Artist, that’s the band / interpret of the song.
Then, there’s an “Album Artist”. If all the tracks on an album are by the same band / interpret, the Album Artist and the Artist are the same. If one ore more tracks on the album are by different bands / interprets, then the Album Artist is “Various Artists”.

For example, for my ballroom collection, this is a very important difference. There are a ton of albums with “Various Artists”, that are pretty much copied from other CDs. And there’s also a ton of albums with Album Artists like “Günter Noris”, “Hisao Sudo”, etc., who have full, original albums with their music. By being able to sort that way (like in Music Bee), it would be easy to browse quickly through the collection of “original” albums.


Yatse uses and sort by the display artist from Kodi.

if an album have 50 artists then on what does it sort? I’m not sure to follow your need and I think it’s related to the other album artist option you missed previously?

Um, yes, you are right. I think this is resolved, with the other option from earlier. Thanks!