[solved] Add a "play from here" option in the music library


It would be nice to have the option inside the library to play from a specific track on
(e.g. in an album, or any other list of tracks)
For example, when there’s an album with 15 tracks, and I’d like to play from track 5 (so, play track 5…15). Basically like playing the whole album but don’t start at the first.

That’s currently not possible afaik, you have to queue all elements manually if you want that, which is cumbersome.

The option could be added to the context menu when selecting (holding) a track, for example.

Thanks for considering and regards,


Just click the song 5 and it will do that.

Ah, you are correct, I’ve set the default action from “play” to “add to playlist”, so this didn’t work, but reverted it to default, so it works, thanks!