Smart Sync Progress

I’m currently syncing parts of my music library (stored on a local Jellyfin server) via Yatse so I can listen to some music when I’m not at home. I’m using Yatse’s smart sync functionality to do this, as it allows me to choose which albums to download from the artists that I choose.

However, as my album library is quite large, it’s not easy to keep an overview of what’s already been synced, and what hasn’t been synced yet. Sure, I could manually scan every album to see which tracks have been downloaded, but that’s rather cumbersome. If there is another way to find out about the progress, I’ve been unable to find it…

Two possible solutions that make the current sync status more obvious…

  • Show some kind of status indicator in the smart sync list in the settings menu? This can either be via an icon/colored indicator, or by showing a percentage of how many items have already been synced.
  • Use different icons to show the different sync states. The current icon (the purple tick, using the default skin) is used for both partially downloaded albums/artists as well as artists/albums that have already been downloaded. By introducing a second icon (e.g., two arrows in a circle) it’s possible to show which albums/artists/… are either partially downloaded, or are currently being enqueued to be downloaded.

There’s no real way as everything is very dynamic and showing the data is very very costly :frowning:

I’ll see if I can do something in the settings part, but low priority as the need is quite limited. Seeing the status won’t make the sync goes faster.