Smart playlists

Hi, I’d love to be able to see smart playlists in the app, and ideally be able to download them for offline listening. Finally - it’d be great if I could update certain metadata for songs, e.g. moods from Plex. Thanks!

You can recreate them in the application already and offline cache them.

There’s no plan for editing metadata.

Thanks for your response. Is there any way you could add the ability to copy smart playlist rules to local? I’ve got a lot of smart playlists and recreating them would be painful

Unfortunately not really possible the format from Plex is very specific and not portable to Yatse.

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Well, it might not fit perfectly but is also about smart playlists:
Is there a chance to get a filter in smart playlist creation to filter for the “comment” field of files to contain specific information?
I’d like to use that to synchronize playlists over different devices by adding the name of a playlist in a specific format (“playlist_1234”) to the comment and then filter for the specific playlist’s name in smart playlist.
MediaMonkey for example is capable of doing this.

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