Smart Playlists based on watch data (similar to LazyTV for Kodi)


LazyTV for Kodi is an add-on that produces and launches smart playlists based on user’s watch habit. LazyTV can generate playlists that contain

  • X next episodes of recently watched TV, with TV shows ordered by watch date (asc/desc), alphabetic (asc/desc), random; the first to fit or random 1 of X likely to fit the rule.
  • first episode of unwatched TV, with TV shows ordered by watch date (asc/desc), alphabetic (asc/desc), random
  • movie, ordered by watch date (asc/desc), release date (asc/desc), rating (asc/desc), random

Nowadays LazyTV is semi-abandoned with very little development during last year. Also it cannot mix TV with movies together, and cannot limit the size of the playlists by available watch time.

Since Yatse has access to all Kodi and Plex media data, it could add the same behavior of smart playlists as LazyTV but have few major improvements:

  • Rather than one rule per smart playlist, allow to assign multiple rules to the same playlist - ex: 1 next episode of recently watched TV, random out of 3 most recent, 1 random movie
  • Have priority ordering of the rules to allow to order by content - ex: 1 random movie first, then 1 next episode of recently watched TV
  • Have playlist time limit that make content fit the limit - ex: 3 hours will allow for 1 movie and 1 TV show. Maybe fuzzy logic to count only 90% of the content towards the limit to allow for content to fit even if it exceeds by some minutes.