Smart filters in a tab

I’ve just been playing around with the smart filters and they are just as if not better than the smart playlists in kodi itself however it’s not as easy as easy to choose a saved smart filter as I think it could be. Would it be possible to add a tab that shows the saved smart filters similar to the Genre and Tags tabs do? Then you can just tap the tab, choose your saved filter and see the content you want and you can easily switch to another filter.

I know in the beta version you have added playlist support with a new tab but there doesn’t appear to be a way to create a smart playlist like in kodi or with the smart filters. Is this coming in a future update in which you combine smart filters with the playlist?

It won’t be like that, but smart filters will be part of a future playlist work, where you can apply sort and limits to a smart filter that will create a smart playlist that will be seen in the playlist tab.

Thanks, I cant wait for the future playlist updates. Great work.