Slow youtube resolving url

Hi all. Thanks to the author for the amazing app.
I use openelec 5.0.8 on an old x86 netbook.
This is the latest jeos built for an x86 device.
Since no addon updates are developed by jdf76 for this kodi version, Yatse is the only one way to see certain YouTube videos on my device.

The only issue is that there is a huge delay between the command sent from my android to the start of the video on kodi.
This appear even if the message from yatse in kodo is almost instantaneous.
It seem to spend a lot of time to “resolve the shared media”
This delay is about 20second for each link sent. If I send a Playlist mix of about 80 video it spend around 10 minutes to be playlable on kodi

Thanks in advance for some help
Barbaro :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Tolriq

Please enable logging in the Yatse addon so I can see more and disable the curl debug too.

So 3 seconds for kodi to start the script, all the rest is inside Youtube DL, not much I can do if youtube plugin does not work sorry :frowning:

Thanks Tolriq. Sorry but can I select the youtube DL version? Cause… Even if I installed the latest version or disinstall it… Nothing seem to be changed in Yatse

Yatse already embed it and it’s the last version.

Ok thank you. I’m going to ask to the author Rick Philips for an help. Thanks a lot :wink:

Sorry Tolriq. The author asked me the verbose log of youtube-dl. Since this plugin is internally started inside yatse… Can you suggest me how can provide he this log?

The call is here you just need to know the name of the verbose option and add it probably adding ‘verbose’: ‘true’