Show fanart/poster for currently playing TV programme

When watching a live TV programme all Yatse is showing in the Now Playing screen is the channel logo.
Would it be possible to scrape the programmes artwork on a non permanent base?

Yatse displays what Kodi sends, if it shows the logo then Kodi have not returned a fanart nor a poster and it’s the only available thing. Logs could confirm in case they give them with non standard names.

Clear. But since Kodi does send the programme information to Yatse i thought it would be easy for Yatse to scrape for additional artwork itself.

Btw. If i have an idea for a theme that is more than just color change would that be something you’d consider?

Without logs can’t tell what Kodi sends :wink: But no I can’t scrape things, I have no idea where to find fanart about some random things that can be played on TV in 399 countries :slight_smile:

About themes, as said the last time we talked about you can propose but I can’t make any guarantee :slight_smile:

Okay. Since Yatse can’t scrape itself my request is not longer valid :joy:
No Problem.

Concerning the theme i cannot recall mentioning this earlier. Damn my bad memory :joy:

Anyhow. I have tremendous respect for your continued work on this incredible app. Your dedication is heart warming. Again, respect :pray: