Show and season links in episode view

Hi! Sorry if I missed it in the android app, but I think that adding links to an episode’s parent season/tv show from the episode view would be great.

e.g. Right now if I open the episode “A Great Show S03E09”, the episode views displays “S03E09 - A Great Show”, which isn’t clickable/touchable. The idea is that touching “S03E09” would open the “Season 3” view, and touching “A Great Show” or show’s cover would open the “A Great Show” view.
I cannot check right now but I think this is what’s done in Plex/Jellyfin apps.

Just use the back button :slight_smile:

Back stack with such navigation would not work as you could build infinite stacks. You can swipe left / right between episodes too making the need to go back less important.

I guess I forgot to add some context :slight_smile:
This would be interesting when you opened the episode view from the Home Page, because it was in your ‘recently added’ or ‘continue’ lists. In this case, using the back button/swiping left or right doesn’t help navigating in the episode’s season/root show.

True for the infinite stack, I wonder how they do it in other apps to avoid this.
I’ve just checked in the Plex app, they do have “Go to season” and “Go to show” buttons in the three dots menu in the episode view, but maybe they’re not using a 100% back stack idk

They allow infinite stack, it’s not really nice design but Google API to handle this properly does not really exist specially if you want nice transitions.

Anyway Yatse have a cheat mode :wink: You can access show details from 3 dots then in the dialog press the image to go to the show season list.