Shortcut to view all episodes

Been doing some traveling so haven’t been using Yatse for a while and after updating to the latest version I cant find a future I used quite a lot.

In the overview screen under the three dots of an episode there used to be a shortcut to view all episodes of the show (or was it under ‘Tv Show details’?)
Either way I cant find it anywhere and cant find an option in settings to turn it on either. Has it been completely removed? If so can it please be added back again or make it optional?
I used it to queue the next episode while watching and without the shortcut it’s a long way to walk to do the same thing.

It was in the show overview, but most people just click the play and queue next.

Does that not fit the primary need?

Next version will allow clicking the image / title in the show info to go to show seasons / episodes list.

No, that doesn’t work since it’s not all the time I want to queue an episode from the same show.

Thanks, sounds great, looking forward to it :slight_smile: