Sharing youtube links to Kodi from Android stopped working

From an Android phone, with the paid version of Yatse, in the past I could share youtube links to Kodi. Within the last week this feature stopped working. At first, sharing youtube links from my phone stopped working. Sharing them from my tablet continued to work but then a couple days later, kodi stopped receiving videos from the tablet as well. When you share a youtube link, the screen flickers on kodi like it is about to start playing then it stops with no error message.

I’m running Kodi 18.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Yatse version is 9.1.5 and previously 9.1.0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open youtube app on Android phone and share a video to Kodi through the Yatse “Play on Media Center” button.
  2. The screen displays the waiting animation briefly on kodi, the screen flashes then the screen remains at the menu.

The kodi log is attached. Yatse didn’t seem to produce a debug log while performing the above commands.

kodi (copy).log (67.4 KB)

Yatse always generate logs, as soon as you have checked the option logs are written.

The Kodi logs miss the JSON data, but logs show plenty of error from the Youtube addon.

It also does not seems that you have the Yatse plugin installed that can play some youtube urls without the Youtube plugin working correctly.

Just to bring closure to this thread. I spent some time rechecking all the settings on Kodi with no luck. I then noticed that while I couldn’t stream youtube to kodi on my tablet in my profile, it was still working in my wife’s profile. So I cleared all the Yatse data and reinstalled the android app and it started working again.