Sharing Twitch not working all of a sudden

Issue description: About a week or so ago, trying to share a stream from the official Twitch app on my Android phone results in an error. I have been using this setup for a few years now with no issue. This is happening on all of my Kodi instances (Rpi 3, 4 and PC).

Logs: (let me know if more logs are needed, I can get more detailed ones if it would help)

Additional information: Not sure if something changed on Twitch’s end, or a recent app update did it? I have the Yatse Kodi helper script installed (1.8.1). I tried disabling this, and I got a general error from the Twitch app instead.

Just a follow up (feel free to close this issue). Turns out it was a change in the twitch platform that is breaking things, so no fault of the helper script.

I’ve updated the script it should probably work now :slight_smile: