Share options in german translation hardly usable

The two options that show up when you click a share icon - for example under a youtube video - used to be “Abspielen im Mediacenter” and “Einreihen im Mediacenter”, which translates to “Play in media center” and “Queue in media center” (or “Enqueue”?).
This was perfectly fine, since the most important words that indicate the action are at the front and even when they get cut off, you still see what is going to happen.

One of the updates in the past then changed the second option to “Im Mediacenter einreihen”, which sounds better, but gets cut off on many devices to “Im Mediacenter e” … and the important thing is the “e” !!!

The latest update not also changed the play option.
This is how the two options now look on my smart phone:
“Im Mediacenter a”
“Im Mediacenter e”

You see the issue. The “a” is abspielen (play), the e is einreihen (queue)… but it is really hard to tell if you’re not paying very close attention.

Oh, and switching the app to english doesn’t change these share options that you see when you click the share icons from other app like youtube, twitch, etc.

My suggestion would be to either get back to the former translation and put the important word at the beginning of the sentence again:

“Abspielen im Mediacenter”
“Einreihen im Mediacenter”

or get rid of the media center part completely.


Yes, the new translations are better German, but really hard to use. If one more character gets cut off, they become unusable and look the same.

Translations are crowdsourced at

Ping @splinter

Ok, I corrected those. Some translations need field testing to uncover usability problems like these.

@AlexY - thanks for reporting this. I concentrated on German wording with my last translation run, because some of the translations were really bad. But with this I obviously introduced some usability problems. Please continue to report such things. It is relatively hard to forsee the implications of the translations, because while translating you do not always know where the specific term is being displayed or how it looks on different displays.

I took your second proposal and set it to “Einreihen” and “Abspielen”. This makes more sense to me than the long version, as the Yatse logo is displayed in the share menu for context, and the rest obviously will not be displayed on smartphones anyway.

This will be rolled out with the next release from @Tolriq, which might take some time. If you find other issues in between, let me know.

Wow, that was quick…
I’m really impressed!

Thank you :slight_smile: