Share (open with) menu not showing yatse as valid choice

I’ve found yatse does not shown in Android share menu while clicking on link like

While it is correclty shown while clicking on:

Looks like a bug in whatsapp or your Android both links works here.

Unfortunately apps have no real control over this, we publish what we support and the OS decide, the 2 links are http and .mp4 that’s what Yatse says it support :frowning:

Hello Tolriq, thanks for your prompt reply.
It does not seem related to the app showing the link since the same behavior occurrs in any app and from the browser also, even from gmail app. Can’t believe in such a kind of bug for gmail or chrome mobile.

For instance, if I click on the link from this own forum page, only browsers apps shows in “open with” menu
(sorry, I don’t know exactly how to call the menu appearing when I click on a link and android shows the menu to select which app I’d like to use to open the link… look @ the pic below)

while It could be a bug in my O.S., of course, but I’m having this bug for years and I’m using last Android 8 from a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android One.

I can try different OS versions and phones if you need more test

However, I’d like to address you to this behavior because Yatse was the only app not showing in the menu.
VLC, MX Video Player, Web Video Caster, Bubble Upnp correctly see the link is a link to a video

Please, not the links only differ for the dots in the url path not related to file name itself.

Let me know if I can do something more to help, like address xiaomi or android one to this behavior.
I’m a Yatse and Kodi supporter (feel free to join my @kodiitalia telegram group)

Well I’ve updated your links so I can test directly them without any change.

On all my devices clicking both links provide the exact same reaction with Yatse being present.

You should try other OS yes, Xiaomi is not the best at respecting Android standard :wink:

If your device is rooted, you can send a full logcat so I can see the Intent the OS is using.

Unfortunately, it’s not rooted yet.

You are right about xiaomi’s usually not the best at respecting android standard, however I’m running an android one device in which xiaomi involvement is really poor

I’ll try from a Nexus 5 and let you know the results.

Thanks again