Share cached media from local device without casting

Hey! This use case might not be the most normal. I travel a lot and usually watch cached kodi media from yatse. It can happen that I have to switch a device to my notebook, there is no way to watch the media there as it cant be casted to. The only way I can watch the files is if I dig through the filesystem and find the right media folder and media hash and share the file from there. Right now there is no way to share synced media using the regular android share modal from yatse itself. Would be nice to just click the 3 dots in the corner, hit share, choose application and from there some other android app could handle the rest.

If you do not select a player in the settings Yatse then the Android share option is done having 3 dots would give the same result actually.

So not really sure how it would solve your issue, and how sharing from Android display the media on your notebook.

I dont think I understand what you mean. I am trying to share the offline synced yatse video file from yatse, as a file. I cant seem to do it the way you described it

As a file does not really exist, files are shared with a media type and when you press play and have no player selected in Yatse settings this is exactly what it does.

So once again what are you trying to achieve with that share thing?