Send to - when Kodi was not detected

It would be really cool if I share content to Yatse, and Kodi that is currently selected is not accessible and I have more than 1 kodi in list, it could pop up the “Select target on Send To” prompt

Check the select host on send option :slight_smile:

It will ask all the time, but it’s faster than waiting 10 seconds timeout to detect Kodi status.

But that is exactly what I do not want to do… I do not want it to pop up every time.

I have many kodi boxes accross many homes and offices

Also, call me ignorant, but why would it take 10 seconds to check if kodi is alive, just do a noop action and if it does not respond in ~1 second you have other issues… and go ahead, do pop it up, it is fine then

and since this view already exists, it should not be big job to just do preliminary check

I always love the it should, just do and similar things :slight_smile:

HTTP is slow by nature and some calls may fails due to network, wifi, … , if Yatse had internal timeouts at 1 sec and no retries then 90% of the things would not work and Yatse would always say it’s offline.

So no it’s not that basic to properly handle things and specially Kodi with a million different low end devices and broken http implementations.