Seeking problem when casting video from local device to kodi

Video cannot be seek when casting from local device to kodi. After trying multiple times to seek video it only seeks 1-1.5 min only. Also, video name on kodi always show children while casting any video, it should show the actual video name. Pls help me.

(when I play video in kodi from file manager of local device by Play on Media Centre. I can seek the video)
kodi.log (1.6 MB) (19.3 KB)

There’s many ways to cast, please describe exactly how to reproduce the one that does not work.

Even better would be a video.

Click here to download video
As you can see in the video, seeking is not working.

Hum where is the file really located and how did you add it to the favorites?

Added a path in the video section via the OS menu? Then favorited it? Seems you are in a special case where the OS does not return the file size so Kodi can’t seek as do not have the necessary info.
But having an hard time to repro.

The file is located in sd card and and you are correct about adding a path in the video section via the OS menu and then favorited it. Can also send a screen recording, if needed.
OS- android 11

Btw Yatse is showing the file size along with modification date and time

Ok so SDcard that might be the cause I’ll try to repro on emulator and fix.

Ok. Btw, the issue also persist while casting video from internal storage of the phone.

Ok so found a workaround for the seek will be present in next release.

For the name blame Kodi :slight_smile: Then install How to install and configure Yatse Add-on for Kodi to workaround their API limitation.

Ok, thanks. Btw, there are two zip file, which I have to install, both the zip files or only the latest one ?

Both should do the same (the old one will automatically be replaced).
But migration should be over since that old time, so I’ve removed the old one.

After updating the app, there is no such problem. Thanks
Btw, while casting any video or music to kodi, it still shows ‘children’ as the file name in kodi.

I would like to inform u few bugs

  1. When I cast a local video from local device to kodi, I cannot select subtitles from yatse but then after stopping and playing that video again I can select subtitles from yatse.
  2. Still while casting anything in kodi, the file name in kodi is showing “children”
  3. Idk why but 2/5 times while casting video from local device to kodi the video gets stop in the middle and I have to play it again. And I am damn sure this is not phone’s problem.
  4. Sometimes kodi and yatse are connected and I can control kodi from yatse but yatse is showing kodi offline due to which I cannot cast but after closing and reopening kodi, yatse doesn’t show kodi offline and it works fine.

I am using Yatse beta latest version from play store

  1. logs
  2. I told you already you need Yatse plugin
  3. It is probably logs again (and read
  4. If restarting Kodi fix Kodi logic would say it’s Kodi issue :slight_smile: but again logs.