Seconds between each image slideshow

Where I can change the duration of seconds between each image for the slideshow?

Slideshow feature good :slight_smile:

Thank you.

The release notes for 9.1.5 state, that it’s possible to set the slideshow delay, but I can’t seem to find that setting!?

Together with this, is it possible to start a random slideshow from within yatse?
In kodi’s player settings random is set for pictures, but when starting a slideshow from yatse it’s always the same ordering?

3 dots menu :slight_smile:

And no Yatse does not support random slideshow open a new feature request for that.

Ah, I thought it would be possible to change the delay for a slideshow started from files-> pictures, too

This is Files/Pictures … There’s no other slideshow in Yatse.