Search Results in Android Auto after a voice request

The most of music app prompt you with a “Search results” section after a Google assistant voice request. Please see some screenshot of Plaxamp.
I find this a super usefull feature to get into an artist using voice instead of scrolling through the menu.!


Thanks and keep going with the best app for Kodi and Plex.

Sorry no plans for that, Yatse voice commands handler will be used to workaround Google flaws, but showing a search results is many clicks and unfit for Android Auto.

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Thanks for the feedback.
It’s strange that Google implemented it for e.g. Youtube Music.

I can be wrong, but to get to the result maybe this option is less clicks than getting to Artists + letter + scrolling to find the artist. Just to be clear, I love this feature in Yatse, having the voice option would be great.


If Google respected it’s own standard it would be a miracle.

And if voice commands works correctly it’s 0 clicks… Just say play the artist XXX and it will play the artist. Play the album XXX same, and all the natural voice commands you can imagine.

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I fully agree.
The scenario where you don’t remember the album/song title, it’s handy to search with voice the artis and the get the list of albums/song.