Search not working?

Search returns empty result when text contains space at the end.

Given album “Abc” in database
I do type “Abc_” - with space character at the end
Expected: search returns “Abc”
In fact : empty result

In case when database contains two albums “abc” and “abc def”, I would expect that search returns two records.

Please provide logs and more details about where and how you search.

This works as expected on my tests.

@Tolriq Following is a link to video, how it looks on my device:!Ag3nD_ZwNtVbrE7aD5tPQJUvKRq-

Ok so everything is normal, from description it seemed that you’d not have albums with a space in the name.

This is actually wanted behaviour I use that a lot to narrow some search. And there’s way too much options to add one for a very small use case (That I’m actually not even sure to understand)