Search in Episode descriptions

The Global Search very helpful for finding Episodes and the search interface is well designed.

I would like the option to include the Episode descriptions in the search query. For example Episode descriptions can contain certain keywords such as plot descriptions or persons names and Episodes can be found this way.

The Kodi jsonrpc supports this with the plot field so maybe this will not be too hard to achieve:

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "VideoLibrary.GetEpisodes",
    "params": {
        "filter": {
            "field": "plot", "operator": "contains", "value": "Foobar"
        "limits": { "start" : 0, "end": 75 },
        "properties" : ["showtitle", "plot", "playcount", "file"],
        "sort": { "order": "ascending", "method": "label", "ignorearticle": true }
    "id": "searchExample"


Yatse works internally and do not use JSON for those kind of stuff.

You can already use smart filters to search in descriptions and achieve that.

I tends to not search in fields that are not displayed in the result screen as it confuses users more than anything else.

I can not see an option to search Episode descriptions with smart filter?

Also can smart filter search Episodes across many TV shows? I try searching for Episode title using smart filter and it appears it can only filter after specifically opening up a TV show and applying the filter to that one show.


You need to use smart playlists to search in all shows.

But yes strangely it seems I have not added description to the filters, will see to add it.

Yeah smart playlists does work, though its not very convenient for quick searches.

Is there a way to open up the Episode info in a smart playlist? In the Global Search each episode opens to the info page, but in a smart playlist It seems the only option I have is to play the episode immediately.

Next version will have plot as smart filter and an info menu entry to show the info dialog.

As said no global search on not visible fields for the moment.

Thanks. My idea on global search is that it wouldn’t search non visible fields by default but could be enabled with Advanced/Expert settings options.

There’s already way too much options (= more things to maintain ;)) I do not add settings for just 1 person sorry.

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