Sd card not vissible by local

Why Yatse don’t see my sd card where my local files are storend?

You lack a lot of details to be able to answer.

If on Kodi it’s on the FAQ add a source to fix their security.
On local device in Yatse as an host you need to add a source too via the + button due to Google security…

via the + button I have only the choice to cloud servers (Kodi,Plex Jellyfin Emby).
I can’t find SD card.
In google security>Apps>Yatse I only see :allowed files and media [V]
Nothing about SD card

There’s a complete wiki with docs and video :slight_smile:

To access your local device you need to select your Local device in the left menu as the active host.

Then file mode as you’d do for Kodi.

Have you the link to the wiki docs and video

Really? There’s a button in this forum header and a simple Google search gives the answer.

All the time lost to do a Google for you is time not passed improving the app you know.

thx hopefully I find the solution

I just gave you the solution earlier …

I know, I already had select this button before I create this topic.
The problem is that I can’t find or see my SD card

So much time lost for nothing, can you start trying to properly describe your issue so I do not write for nothing???

Also already gave you the solution.

You want to add a source so add it from the file mode in the section you want there’s a + there too …

It just already worked.
I was only of the wap because in the local environment the images of artists are not shown.
In the plex environment I see images from artists wel.

Android have no concept of artist images.