Screen mirror via UPnP

Hi, I was wondering if there is a possibility to add screen mirror via UPnP. Like a live stream of my full Android screen. Btw, I’m root, so, I’m open to all kind of methods

Sorry no plans for root only features.

There are ways to achieve screen mirror without root. Using root gives better performance, but it’s possible to do it without root

Not with sound and most Android devices :wink:

I think you can. And with sound. Check screen recorder apps. It would be a great addition.

Since you are so good show me the code :wink:

Something that works on all Android versions from 5 to 11 and all device manufacturers, then we’ll talk :wink:

Man, idk how to program Android apps. That’s why I asked for you. There apps that do such a thing, but they are very bad optimised, and have a lot of adds and broken things. If I knew how to program, I’ll probably show you the code, but, since I don’t know how to, I ask you to add this functionality to Yatse. A possibility is to ask people who have coded this into their apps, and see if they can help us, and share with us that tiny part of the code that uses the screen sharing thing of Android.

So you have no idea how things works, but you still know better than me when I tell you that this is not possible for all OS and devices Yatse currently support ?

At some point you may realize there’s something wrong in your actions.

Don’t be lazy. Always a little effort helps to achieve goals.
That link explains how MediaRecordrr works on Android, and how you can record screen and audio (idk if it’s internal or not)
Rn in going to ask to some developers and see if they can help me finding more info.

This is only microphone …

Working API is Android 10 only and many apps can opt out… There’s obvious copyright issues if anyone could record netflix or any spotify music like that.

You are starting to be a little annoying specially since you start to insult me.

Last warning.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend or insult you. It’s just, a lack iniciative from you, but it’s understandable. Afaik, not all apps will let you use the screen record functionality, because it’s secure content that it’s on screen, or apps won’t let you do that. Btw, I think that the default “Miracast” Android function, uses this screen record functionality that it’s present on Android 5 up to Android 10. I’ve already sent emails to 3 different screen record developers, asking them for documentation and information in how to achieve screen recording with internal audio. I apologize for any misunderstandings it may have generated. I hope that we can get this feature soon on yatse

And you keep going … First I’m lazy, now I lack initiative? What is wrong with you?

Don’t you think I’ve already done my research on this since all those years? What can possibly make you think that you know better than me?
What you want is not possible before Android 10 just do some simple Google research … And most needs for this features will be blocked by editors.

Android 10 is less than 10% of the devices so no there’s no f…g way to do what you want on all devices that Yatse support. (Yes some specific brand have some random stuff on some versions, but no I won’t do brand specific hacks for no purpose)

No need to answer and try to put some words you do not even understand about technologies you do not understand either.

Well, at least I tried. I’m sorry if I got you mad. I was just looking to get a function that it’s present on this app
This app, does what I want, but I didn’t know why the performance was bad. I thought that the problem was in how the app was optimised. But I think I cannot confirm that, because I cannot found any other app that does that. Also, the app is full of ads, something that on Yatse I don’t have.
In case that I receive the emails that I sent to developers, I’ll send here the attachments so you can take a look, and, see if there is something new. I’m pretty sure that it’s completely possible, but don’t bother telling me that it’s possible only on Android 10

You are incredible, really amazgin :slight_smile:

For the fun extract from their FAQ:

How to mirror with internal audio (entire device system audio) ?

To mirror with internal audio you need to have a ROOTED device with Android 4.4 or higher. Then:

  • Go to app preferences, audio preferences
  • If you have Android 6 or higher you need to install our Internal Audio Plugin app as indicated in settings
  • Select the “Internal” audio source or “Mixed” audio source
  • Go back from settings and start a new mirroring

So now please stop posting for real, this is no more fun.

I wasn’t having fun, but that’s it. It’s impossible. Anyways, thanks for trying.

You mean exactly what I’m saying since the first post? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all that time lost not passed on doing something useful for the others.

Almost two years later, I just tried the app mentioned above on an Android 10 phone. It works fine without rooting or any additional app.

Video and sound both work fine, we can mute the sound of the smartphone and the sound still plays on Kodi. Note that by default, the app enables both the internal sound and the microphone sound, so I disabled the microphone.

Here’s the procedure:
I used the “Lecteurs multimédia” option in the left menu and created a .strm file with

rtsp://[ip address of the smartphone]:5000/screen

as content.
Then opening the file from Kodi starts the mirroring with sound.

I don’t know what’s the minimal Android version for it to work without root, but given the current Android versions market shares, it may be worthwhile to look into it for Yatse.