Samsung A9 - Android 9 - Yatse->Plex media seek sync no longer working

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description:

When I first purchased Yatse (2019-11-29), my offline files would sync back with Plex when I stopped playback. If I wished to continue viewing that content on another device I was able to pick up from where I left off. I noticed a week or 2 after the purchase the Yatse was no longer updating the playback information of my files to Plex. Does anyone have a solution for this?



Additional information:

—>>>> Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information <<<<------

Thanks, I will update the post when I’m able to generate the logs.

I do not get notification on your post edits :wink: Please add a comment on this thread when you have them.

debug.log (65.9 KB)

Here you go! I loaded up my offline video file, let it play for a minute and then closed it. It does not update Plex and the video was at the same location as when I started playback.

Got a result without any data

You are not using a supported video player, only Mx Player and VLC correctly report the resume point / watched status. To properly use VLC you need to select it as a player in the settings.

I had set it up to use VLC “always” when I played my first video. Is there a setting to change that?

Yes in settings/streaming video player select VLC.

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I will test it out. Is it possible that updates to the app sometimes reset these settings?

No it’s not you probably used Mx Player before as by default it still fills it’s values.

Well, I will keep that setting in mind if ever it acts up again. Seems to be working great now. Thanks!