Resume Playback issue

So currently on the trail of Yatse and incredibly loving it and will purchase after the trail ends.

However, one aspect where its bugging me quite a bit with Plex and hopefully theres a fix!

THE ISSUE: When i go into a plex video and select “Resume (xx:xx:xx)” using VLC, the start of the video timeline is now the start of the resume time and nothing before (ie normal video starts at 00:00:00, where now it will start at 1:32:45). If i try and go to a timecode before the Resume one, it just kicks me out entirely (back to the video page within the app)

Is this an issue with anyone else perhaps? Again loving the app!

Well since you removed the mandatory logs part of the templte it’s hard to know :slight_smile: If there’s a template to fill there’s maybe a reason.

In all cases this sounds like your media are transcoded in a format that does not support seek. If it’s due to the codecs enable them in the settings and select the proper player in settings too.

Thanks for replying really quickly!

I have sent through email the debug report with the issue in that.

In terms of the codecs, is the “local Device Codec” - if so i have checked them all and the issue still persists

From the logs your Plex server transcode to an unseekable format due to the vobsub subs.

You might want to use MxPlayer as a player (and change it in the settings) to workaround that.