Resume not available from addon list

Hi, this is more of a request for clarification rather than a bug hence no logs, but I’m using the Last Played addon from 5-Star which provides a list of the last few videos played, and when I try to play a video from it through Yatse it will only play from the beginning, it won’t resume. In Kodi the Last Played addon interface allows to play or resume just like any other video screen. I’d like to understand if this is a limitation of Yatse interfacing with any addon, or a setting I need to change, or something the developer of the addon needs to support. This is in Kodi 19. Thanks for your time!

(the default action in Kodi is set to Resume btw)

And yet the logs would have given the necessary information :wink:

Is there word more clear than mandatory in English?

You can press the 3 dots and see if there’s a resume entry. Or the addon could exposé a resume entry in the VFS.

There no generic answer possible on a specific question for a specific addon.

:smile: My apologies, I thought that addons which provided a list went through a standard interface and I wasn’t sure how to “reproduce the issue” when it was more of a missing feature, so there’s no error message or any kind of prompt. I’ve turned on logging, opened then closed the addon view then turned off logging, hopefully that’s captured what you need - see attached.

There’s no resume entry in the three dots menu, or on long press on the item. (7.1 KB)

So yes this is an addon issue it does not return the resume value

{"id":683,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"files":[{"album":"","art":{},"artist":[],"episode":-1,"file":"/media/pi/Seagate Backup Plus Drive/Video/Youtube/Splattercat random/Season 1/S01E04 I Survived Hackathon 2022 AMA [v1685406935].mp4","filetype":"file","genre":[],"label":"Splattercat random 1x4 I Survived Hackathon 2022 AMA [v1685406935]","lastmodified":"","mimetype":"video/mp4","playcount":0,"rating":0.0,"resume":{"position":0.0,"total":0.0},"runtime":0,"season":-1,"showtitle":"","size":0,"title":"Splattercat random 1x4 I Survived Hackathon 2022 AMA [v1685406935]","track":-1,"type":"episode","year":1969}],"limits":{"end":1,"start":0,"total":1}}}


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Ah, I see. Thank you - I’ll talk to the addon developer.