Reset offset subtitles

While the current layout with the time-slider is already filled with options and i am having problems finding the right ‘spot’ to click to get the “go-to-timecode” in a show or movie… i think people who use subtitles often would like another one.

Starting a movie and the subtitle starts too… but after a few minutes… well, you need to adjust. Searching for another subtitle and there is just not the right one in your language so back to the “offset” one. The further you go into the movie, the more you go offset and there comes a point where you reach the 60 seconds max.

That is when you need to make a decision, no subtitles or go for english for example. If you choose another subtitle… it is still 60 seconds offset so you have to scroll back to 0 to see if that one is correct. It would be nice if that is automatically reset.

There’s no API for that in Kodi :frowning:

That’s why there’s + - buttons and not a slider that would be easier to use.

But I think there’s advanced settings to allow infinite subtitles delay.

There’s an option in settings to have click on seek bar show go to dialog. And long pressing the time bar does show go to dialog.
And pressing the time bar and moving while touching shows a popup that indicate the time that it will be on release.
That’s a lot of ways already to get precise seeking.

Oh yes, i know there are a lot of different ways to use the timecoding on subtitles but the “slider” widget is, currently, not the most user-friendly. That’s why i asked for that option but if it isn’t in the api then nothing can be done… a shame though…

Thanks Tolriq!