Replicating already existing function (keyboard: send text to media center) as a custom JSON-RPC one


I would like to replicate an already existing function “the keyboard, ‘send text to media center’, function” as a JSON-RPC custom command. I want to do this because I’d rather have this function be used in the side ‘custom command’ area that is able to be opened and closed (not always visible), and instead have other custom functions replace the current function in the main command section that is always visible. If anyone knows the method and param to use to be able to replicate this function as a custom one, that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance for any help regarding this

You can’t until version 10.4.0 currently in beta :slight_smile:

thank you for your reply! I just signed up for the beta, might you know the code to be able to add it?

Just import it in cc menu

ohh awesome, didn’t see it got added, it works flawlessly and thanks a bunch! The reason I asked for this particular method of command (json-rpc) is because I use multiple instances of Kodi, some through sandboxie, and I’ve just been unable to figure out how to get the event servers to work on each of them and at the same time, I looked into it a bunch, changed ports etc, but they kept reverting back to the default. However, the method of this custom command (json-rpc) bypasses the need for event server completely, which is awesome and exactly what I needed, was this new custom command that was added made using this method as well? or are there other command methods that bypass the event server as well?

No real idea of what is your need, but if you need dynamic text in a dialog then only Yatse can show it it’s not Json related.

Else sending text via JSON was always possible before just search Kodi forums for the commands.

sorry to confuse, other custom commands that can be imported from media center are able to be edited, for example ‘switch aspect ratio’ which shows the json-rpc code when editing, however, for the send text to media center custom command there is no edit ability to see the code, is there a way to see it?

As said no this is internal to Yatse, this is not Kodi that display a dialog on Yatse.

ohh ok, thanks again for the implementation of this and your amazing work on the app.