Remove hard dependancy on ancient barcode-reader


could you please remove the dependacy on when exporting a config as qr-code? It might have made sense a decade ago, but nowadays every barcode/qrcode-“scanner” can also create qrcodes from an input.

Android has been complaining for years, that the zxing-barcode reader was created for an older android version, and i assume, that installation will be blocked on android 14…?



Unfortunately that’s not how Android works :frowning: There’s no official Intent to export a QRCode or import one. So random apps can’t just work.

While there’s solution to generate the code online (but exposing passwords to random site) there’s none to read without integrating a big library for a feature that is nearly not used.

Uhm, maybe i’m a bit slow, but if i go to Manage Hosts → + → Import from … QR CODE, i get the normal android popup where i can select any QR-Code reader, scan the barcode, which immediatly after scanning closes, returns to yatse, where the new host shows up? Does this still use the zxing-librarys?

But in any case, cant you just replace the qr-code function with a generic json-export/import with the shareto-funktion? Pretty much anything would be better than an Android 4.4 app…

You can already export the hosts to a file and import them …

And I’m not really in the mood to explain how Android works :wink: